About Us

The company was founded as a small industry in 2004. It grew to become the manufacturer of clothing and accessories, with a customer list that included all the major overseas private label supply of knitted clothing as a Manufacturer and exporter of 1st generations entrepreneur.

 Life would be dull if we all looked the same. And if we all stayed the same. Which is why we’re switching things up with our new collections. It's nothing drastic. We’re still all about thoughtfully designed, well-made clothes. We're still obsessed with unique details, beautiful prints, and unexpected colour combos. We still stand up for independent spirits and self-expression, and do good stuff wherever we can. We’re just trying some new stuff. New designs. New twists on old favourites. New materials that have a little less impact on the planet. And we've got a new logo (nice, isn't it?).

we make clothes for our customers to live life in.

 all day, everyday.



We want to bring style and postivity to our customers lives through the clothes we make, the things we do and the values we have. 



To be a consistently growing, profitable and highly thought of Group, which has a hugely motivated and fulfilled team of employees and colleagues .


We are passionate about developing the blue stripes apparel group and relish finding customer focussed and innovative opportunities that will help us grow.

  • Relentless customer focus
  • Have very high standards
  • Take responsibility
  • Be creative
  • Can do attitude
  • Analyse thoroughly
  • Welcome change

Great Relationships:

Having warm, open and collaborative relationships frees us up to be the best we can be.

  • Trusted
  • Be part of a diverse and ambitious team
  • Communicate strongly
  • Be collaborative
  • Be honest, ethical and sustainable and bio-degradable 




It's not just about selling clothes. We are manufacturing each every product ourself ,It's about putting in the effort so that the things we make are built to last, and feel special enough to wear season after season. And we try to do the right thing by the planet and its people. To not take too much and to give a little back. We're committed to using lower impact materials and processes to make our clothes. And we monitor our supply chains to make sure that everyone is treated fairly. We know there's much more to be done. And we're always trying to be better